How to add a basic product to Shopify site

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Matthew Ramirez
January 13, 2023

To add a product to Shopify, you will need to log in to your Shopify admin and follow these steps:

1. From the Shopify admin, select Products > All Products.
2. Select Add Product.
3. Enter a title for the product and a description.
4. In the "Images" section, upload one or more images of the product.
5. In the "Pricing" section, enter the price for the product and select whether it is taxable.
6. In the "Inventory" section, enter the quantity of the product you have in stock.
7. In the "Variants" section, you can create different versions of the product, such as different sizes or colors.

In the "Variants" section of adding a product in Shopify, you can create different versions of the product, such as different sizes or colors. This allows customers to select specific options when purchasing the product.

To create a variant, you will need to first select "Add variant" and then select the option name, such as "Size" or "Color." Then, you can enter the option values, such as "Small," "Medium," "Large" for size or "Red," "Blue," "Green" for color. You can add multiple options and values to create different variations of the product.

For each variant, you will also need to enter a SKU (stock keeping unit), which is a unique identifier for the variant. You can also set a different price and weight for each variant if necessary.

Once you have added all the variants, you can select "Save" to complete the process.

Additionally, you can also set inventory for each variant separately, so you can track the stock level of each variant of the product.

Note: Keep in mind that adding variants increases complexity to your product management, but it can also increase the sales of a product.

8. Select Save.
You can also add products in bulk by importing them via CSV file

Note: Keep in mind that you may need to set up shipping, taxes, payment methods and other settings depending on your store settings.

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